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09 Aug


How Did That Voting Go for You?!


Did you?

While you may not be satisfied with the results of your state’s primary elections (I’m not), hopefully you can at least acknowledge that you voted.  Whether or not we end up with the candidate we believe is the best for the job, we have a responsibility as teachers and citizens to get to the polls to vote.  We have the responsibility to encourage everyone around us to vote as well – we are teachers, after all.

The senate district I reside in spans three counties in the southeast corner of my state.  These three counties contain four towns with a population near 10,000 as well as a number of other small towns with a few thousand people each.  Let’s assume there are ten small towns with 2,000 people each.  That’s 20,000 people, right?!  Add that to the 40,000 from the four semi-large towns and we get 60,000 right?!  Now, let’s assume that a percentage of this population is under the voting age and rule out 20,000 people.  That leaves approximately 40,000 people across three counties left with the ability and responsibility to vote. Now, back to the senate race in my district – the two candidates opposing each other together netted less that 10,000 votes combined.  That is less that 25 percent of the population turning out to vote.

One sincerely hopes that none of those people in the 75 percent that opted not to vote don’t feel as though they have the right to complain about the politicians elected.  That right ought to be reserved for only those that bother to vote.