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07 Aug


Integrating an iPad into your Teaching? Get Started the Right Way (Part 2)


Choose a strong password

Today brings part two in our series of tips for getting started with integrating an iPad your teaching.  While part one of the series began with the advise to use a personal, non-ISP based email address for your Apple ID, today’s tip continues with initial setup.

Choosing a strong password is import when setting up anything that requires a minimum level of security.  When the possibility of accruing a (possibly huge) bill looms, a strong password becomes essential.

A strong password should not be obvious, no matter how well an individual knows you.  If a person could possibly guess your password based on what he or she knows of you, it is not a good choice.  Put simply, avoid using things like your child’s name, your birthday or your favorite color as your password.

Strong passwords are completely random or psuedo-random strings of numbers, symbols and upper and lower case characters.  An example of  a random password might be:


An example of a psuedo-random password, based on a (made up) birthday of 07/13/56 and child’s name of Douglas, might be:


Got any additional tips you’d like to leave for fellow educators new to the world of iPad’s?  Let us know in the comments below.