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04 Aug


Integrating an iPad into your Teaching? Get Started the Right Way (Tip #1)


These steps will help you get off on the right foot with your new iPad

Were you lucky enough to get a new iPad this summer?  Has your school has began supplying them for teachers?  Regardless, as you begin preparing to use the new iPad for the first time here is the first of many tips to help you get off on the right foot.

When choosing an email address to use with your Apple ID, assuming you have the option, don’t use your school email address.  Also, don’t use the email address provided by your home internet service provider.  Instead, use an email address associated with a reputable service provider like Google or Yahoo.  The reason is simple – your Apple ID will be associated with the email address you provide when registering.  If you ever transition from one school to another or change internet service providers, you may no longer have access to your Apple ID.  Access to any apps purchased while using the Apple ID associated with the old email address may no longer be possible .

Again, it is my recommendation to use a non-school, non-home ISP email address when setting up an Apple ID for the first time.


I do want to clarify that should you use a school or ISP based email address, you won’t automatically lose access to your apps if you have to set up a new device or reset.  If you are using a school email address, using a personal email address helps to clarify ownership of the app license should there be a need to do so.

Got any tips for your fellow teacher?  Let us know in the comments!