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04 Aug


Welcome to Teaching.IsYourPassion.com


With the start of the school year quickly approaching, I want to take a moment to announce the availability of Teaching.IsYourPassion.com, an exciting new resource designed just for teachers like you.  As a fellow teacher with nearly 14 years of experience, it is probably safe to say that teaching is something that you find yourself thinking about at all times of the day, during the school year and in summer – all because teaching becomes a passion, a truly consuming career experience.

Teaching.IsYourPassion.com is just starting to take shape, but in the days and weeks to come you are going to find rich content focusing on all things education, brought to you by a wide variety of contributors with the same passion for education you have.

One of my primary focuses is going to be the application of technology within the classroom.  This will take the shape of exciting application and gadget reviews, how-to’s and a plethora of resources designed to maximize teacher effectiveness over time.

As more contributors start to submit articles, the topics are going to begin to diversify and things are going to get really exciting quickly.  We’d love for you to join us in the journey, so if teaching is your passion, please consider contributing to Teaching.IsYourPassion.com

Kind regards,

– Brian

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