Our Political Responsibility

by · August 14, 2012


Regardless the time of year, whether there is an upcoming election or not, teachers have a responsibility to engage the politicians that represent them at the various levels of government – local, state and federal.

No matter the level of government a person serves at, he or she is a representative of the people.  So long as you live in the district the board member, the legislator or the senator represent, you are one of those people represented.  Keep that in mind, always.  Make sure you know the names of your politicians. Become aware of your politicians’ standings – both what they go on record saying and what their voting history says.  It is your responsibility to make sure that your local board member and state and federal senators and representatives are knowledgeable about what matters to you and your students.  Be in contact with them to keep them up to date on what is happening with your school and those around you.  Make sure they know how their decisions affects you, your family, your school and your students.

Some tips to help you become politically responsible:

  • Know the names of your local board members, state senators and legislators and federal senators and legislators.
  • Contact your politicians to introduce yourself.  They need to know who they represent.
  • Email them frequently – not every day as you don’t want to be a nag – but frequently.  Let them know the good things that are happening within your school.
  • Educate yourself on candidates’ positions and current politicians’ records.

These are simple steps towards becoming politically aware and responsible.  Take them, regardless of your current state of satisfaction.

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